This page includes different roadmaps on the main knowledge gaps on research and innovation on soils across the different Mission Soil Objectives, created by SOLO's Think Tanks, which are ready for review. Please log in or create a profile in order to review them.

Soil Structure Think Tank

Authors: Jenni Hultman, Helena Soinne, Taina Pennanen, Antti-Jussi Lindroos, Helena Guimarães, Teresa Nóvoa
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No net soil sealing and increase the reuse of urban soil

Authors: Chiara Cortinovis, Silvia Frezzi, Davide Geneletti
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Knowledge gaps related to soil literacy

Authors: Loukas Katikas, Anna Krzywoszynska, Karen Naciph Mora, Roger Roca Vallejo
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Nature Conservation of Soil Biodiversity

Authors: Monica Farfan, Carlos Guerra, Katarina Hedlund, María Ingimarsdóttir, Edmundo Barrios, Neil Cox, Anders Dahlberg, Manuel Delgado-Baquerizo, Nico Eisenhauer, Maria Lundesjö, Alberto Orgiazzi, J. Parnell, Anton Potapov, Kelly Ramirez, Natália Raschmanová, David Russell, Diana Wall, Andrey Zaytsev
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